1st artificial intelligence platform to help you achieve your goals and dreams: idream

Updated: May 1, 2021

Winning, succeeding, progressing, prospering, fulfilling your goals, and achieving your dreams seem to be a privilege of just a few.

Lack of discipline, money, or support ... the reasons can be multiple. The truth is that not achieving your goals can generate serious problems with your self-esteem. According to Martin Seligman [1], a North American psychologist, after many unsuccessful attempts, people feel defenseless, believe they have no control over the situation and think that whatever they do is useless. They develop a "learned hopelessness". They simply stop trying, blaming themselves and involving their families in a cycle of misfortune, possibly for generations.

The idream platform has a unique purpose: "The democratization of dreams." idream is released for all people who want to fulfill their dreams and goals. idream is the first application in the world using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people achieve their dreams, based on their personality type, their relationship with money, and their circumstances. The technology implemented allows the creation of "fingerprints" unique for each user, and recommends a personalized plan that will help them achieve their goal.

Amazon, Facebook or Tiktok personalize profiles classifying them by purchasing tastes or consumption of content. idream technology goes further because it mixes human intelligence with artificial intelligence, identifying how people make decisions. It captures, integrates, stores and reuses thousands of experiences occurring during the process of achieving dreams or goals. The result is that each dreamer’s profile is presented with a step-by-step procedure to follow in order to achieve the dream or objective.

The Decisional DNA (DDNA) and the Set of Experience Knowledge Structure (SOEKS) [2] are base technologies applied in the platform. These technologies were developed by artificial intelligence experts - Dr. César Sanín and Prof. Edward Szczerbicki with their Knowledge Engineering Research Team - KERT from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

This technology is combined with the goal methodology that journalist Karina Sterling has been developing for almost a decade. The implementation of this methodology has made thousands of people around the world achieve their goals or dreams, and now with the additional application of AI, it is intended that no person in the world is left without a tool to achieve what they have always wanted for themselves and their families.

They say that when there is a noble cause, the world conspires in its favor. That is why a group of creative partners and investors from different parts of the world have collaborated in order to develop a tool for all those who are committed to fulfilling their dreams. This group includes Edward Szczerbicki from Poland and César Sanín from Colombia, experts in artificial intelligence from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and creators of the DDNA; Shamsur Rahim from Bangladesh, a specialist in data science and PhD candidate at the University of Technology of Sydney (Australia); Leidy Cuervo, a Colombian businesswoman and entrepreneur with experience in accounting and finance; Leonardo Estevez, Colombian businessman and entrepreneur, expert engineer in industrial automation; and Karina Sterling, journalist, TED speaker and creator of the goals methodology base for the construction of idream.

If you commit to it, idream will commit to you.

Those users who really commit to their dream and comply with all the steps to achieve it, will receive a benefit that will be invested in their dream.

If you want to be part of idream, the world's largest community of dreamers, go to:

https://www.idream.technology/ and tell them your dream.




[1] Seligman, M.E., 2006. Learned optimism: How to change your mind and your life. Vintage.

[2] Szczerbicki, E., & Sanin, C. (Eds.). (2020). Knowledge management and engineering with decisional DNA. Springer.

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